Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Done But Not Finished

There is some knitting progress, but I'm ISO (In Search Of) advice from more-experienced knitters before these become FOs.

Part One: Seamen's scarf for Christmas gift: The scarf is finished, aside from a couple of ends, but the seed stitch bottom border on the two tails is ruffly. OK, I can intuit that I need to decrease stitches from the cable count to get the very flat seed stitch to lay flat. But, um, is there a rule? Do I do a row of stockinette before the seed stitch and hide the decreases in that?

Part Two: I got an urge-to-felt yesterday, and with a couple of skeins of Paton's Classic Wool from stash and Cat Bordhi's pattern for a small tote to hold all my Denise Interchangeable parts, I got this far. It's basic two-strand
stockinette-in-the-round (knit, knit, knit) with applied? attached? I-cord for the edgings. Thanks to The Knitting Answer Book, I got the concept for the I-cord. But how to join the I-cord ends? Graft, OK, but, um, specifics please?

And here's Shadow helping with the photography.


Anonymous said...

You tote is very nice, but I'm afraid your kitty is trying to steal the show!

Vamanta said...

Can't wait to see the Denise needles tote finished, CBM. I learned to do the i-cord BO at Knitting at Noon website, they have a video there. (link at my blog) Don't remember if they showed how to close it but I've done it 100 times (love to BO that way) and I just carefully seam the 2 edges, minimizing any bump.

Cindy G said...

Cables aren't my specialty, but a couuple of thoughts. "By the book" you would measure your gauge in seed and your gauge in the cable pattern and figure your number of decreases from that. but you may be able to "guesstimate" from what you have. (How many inches too wide is the seed stich portion? How many stitches is that? That's how many decreases you need.)

If possible, I would work the decreases in the last row of the cable pattern, working them in the purl sections between cables.

Since cable patterns often don't curl much at the bottom/top (after all, they're just fancy ribbing), you could continue them all the way to the end, but this would be a different look, and you still might get a bit of curl at the sides.

The scarf is looking really nice, I'm looking forward to seeing the final outcome

Bri McStan said...

There's that scarf! Already done too. I think your tote is a great idea. So does kitty.