Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Grrls

I forgot to include some pictures of my 'grrls'. I know they think of themselves as 'girls' or 'gals', and whichever it is, I love 'em all. I took a lot of pictures one day, but due to operator error, there's a lot of blurriness. It was surprising how difficult it is to get people to stay *still* long enough for the digital focus to bounce and then trigger the flash. But here are a couple of shots of the group.


Cindy G said...

I loved seeing your girls and all their caps! No wonder they're such a special part of you're life.

jayne said...

When you talk about this group, it always sounds as though there is a special bond between you all. This is a good thing for you and for them.

junior_goddess said...

GRRRLS doing good! You are very dedicated to the group, Barbara, and that's an admirable thing.