Sunday, October 8, 2006

Lovely Garden Weekend

This has been a really nice weekend. We had breakfast/brunch in the back garden patio both mornings, cool enough to want the sun on our backs, looking out at the plantings, and listening to the fountain. We lost a lot of plants this summer, and there are some big bare spots. DH finished a nice extension to the brick patio a couple of months ago, and it has really helped both of us to decide on some of the changes we've been wanting to make in the garden. A big 3-tier fountain was here when we bought the house, and I love to listen to the sounds it makes as I fall asleep at night. It is the best sort of 'white noise', helping to mask the sounds of traffic.

We have a Bearss lime tree between the back patio door and the garage, and unless we keep whacking away at it, it gets taller than the garage. Right now it is heavy with ripe and nearly-ripe limes. Bearss limes have a wonderful taste and are large and very juicy. Some of the branches are drooping so low that even I, at barely over 5 ft, have to duck. It's a wonderful tree, really. There's always good shade, it seems to thrive on near-total neglect, and it keeps on giving us a huge crop of limes. When it is covered with blooms in late winter, it perfumes the whole patio.

We got errands done, some garden clean-up, and DH was able to take both days off from work. Life is good.


junior_goddess said...

That sounds nice. It's almost ready to cool down here.

Vamanta said...

The lime tree sounds so European & decadent. What do you make from them? Glad you had a great weekend!