Thursday, October 12, 2006

Must-Have Knitting Magazine

The November issue of Simply Knitting, a UK magazine, just landed in my mailbox and I am so excited about it! The cover pattern, a tie-front cardi in a lovely lacy zigzag pattern is zooming to the top of my To Be Knitted Now! list. The model is done in Rowan's Kid Classic, but it should look just as great in any DK yarn. There's an adorable hooded baby jacket, with 'bear ears'; it's a perfectly "Awwww!" sort of pattern. And they have included another of Alan Dart's adorable knitted critters, this hedgehog in bathrobe and slippers, complete with hot water bottle! This is not the same hedgehog as in the Fiber Trends pattern.

I first heard about Simply Knitting last year, when one of my Canadian knitter friends posted about this incredibly cute Christmas gnomes pattern in the magazine. I don't know where you can find the gnomes pattern now, but you can write to the magazine about it; the email is ( They are quite prompt with replies.

This magazine is targeted toward newish knitters, and there are extensive how-to sections in each issue, including
instructions for basic knitting skills. Any particular technique that is different from simple knitting is explained in the directions for the pattern which calls for it - adding a zipper, picking up stitches, putting a picot edge on a sock, and so forth. There are some sort-of-trendy patterns for young women, but some more-classic patterns and a kids' or babies' pattern are usually included.

I've been able to find the magazine regularly at Borders bookstores. The link in the first paragraph will take you to a site through which you can subscribe. The US single-copy price is $8.99; I subscribed, and I think the US cost for 13 issues was $123. Every issue has some sort of useful freebie attached: a small tote bag, a matching zippered notions bag, a set of size 17 Clover knitting needles, a tape measure, etc., all good quality items. The November issue has a calendar, with 12 knitting patterns, of course!

BTW, NAYY. (By The Way, No Affiliation Yada Yada) That is, this is an unpaid knitting annoucement from a happy consumer. LOL!


Vamanta said...

I love those gnomes & know someone sent me the pattern. Did you ever make them?

jayne said...

I think I have one copy of this mag. I see it at Chapters sometimes. The freebies are tempting, but it's all packaged up and it's a bit pricey here in Canada. I wanna see what's inside before I commit. Good review though. So...did you make gnomes??

junior_goddess said...

I like the magazine, and now that I REALLY look at it, it's only a little more expensive than the IWK rehashed Christmas issue, isn't it?

Daryl said...

I love that Hedgehog!. I was just looking at the magazine in Barnes and Nobles two days ago, but put it back because it was wrapped in plastic and I couldn't see the patterns, hmm. Now I may have to go back..soon.