Monday, November 20, 2006

Tagged for a Mama MeMe

Junior Goddess has tagged her buds for a Mama MeMe. My mother was not into girly things - the only hairstyle advice I remember was "Get your hair out of your eyes!" about my bangs. And she *definitely* didn't do makeup.

When I was in high school in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Mom was a cashier at the huge motel and truck stop at Holding's Little America. A manager who liked Mom a lot suggested that Mom should wear a little makeup, at least some lipstick. So Mom and I went to Woolworth's. She hunted around in the bargain bin and came up with a tube of really dark red. Now Mom is a pale-skinned woman, with dark blonde/light brown hair, so dark red was *not* a becoming color. Regardless, she wore the lipstick to work, and she got her way. Her supervisor said, "Mmm. Maybe no lipstick is OK for you."


Cindy G said...

"Well kiss my Grits", as another, albeit fictional, waitress was known to say. I got a huge kick out of your mother's approach to negotiation! Now I have to go check out the meme.

junior_goddess said...

Hee Hee--

Mama didn't take any grief! How funny! You know I went to junior high 60 miles away from you, right?