Friday, December 1, 2006

Partial Points for Lacevember but a FO, too!

Once again, I've failed to complete a KAL within the time frame. C'est la vie. Considering that I didn't really start on my Lacevember shawl until about a week ago, and I lost a couple of days to headaches, I got a reasonable amount done. So - partial points. the pattern is called Dayflower Lace Shawl, from Hand Jive Knits. Their website isn't currently selling anything, and the picture on the pattern is very small. So you're going to have to take my knitting as the model.

This pattern is somewhat difficult, although I think a lot of my struggles have been due to painkiller haziness. The stitch count varies from row to row, and even though I've tried to be very careful to come out right at each horizontal repeat marker across, I've still been finding boo-boos that I have to fix in the next row. The yarn is Elann's Baby Silk in Cedar, worked double on size 10US needles. This is going to be a fabulous shawl, since the Baby Silk is soft and drapey and yet there's enough solid bits in the pattern to make it warm. The closeup gives a pretty good idea of the deep, foresty green color.

Enough said. Here's my progress as of last night. The pattern calls for a 4ft by 7ft rectangle, but I'm planning a 3ft by 5ft. The unblocked width seems to be pretty close, being 29in wide as you see it in the photo. The length is even closer, since the 7 repeats (out of 17 planned) I've finished come to 24in.

Rockport Vest

Months ago I finished a vest for DH, though it set for a few months longer while I wrestled with some finishing issues. He got the wearable version in
mid-September, but it wasn't until last night that I got him to pose, on the promise "you won't put this on the blog." I agreed not to include the head shots, lol. The outfit is what he wore to work yesterday.

The pattern is Oat Couture's Rockport Vest, done in Elann's Highland
Silk; I think the color is Antique Blue. While the pattern looks like a zillion cables, these are really only twist stitches, and after some fearsome math to deal with gauge issues, it went really quickly. This was my lesson that, when the pattern says to get gauge in stockinette, get gauge in stockinette, even if there's no plain stockinette in the pattern. Trust me on this one. I LOVE the Highland Silk, for the feel of the finished garment and of the yarn as you knit. DH has worn this maybe 4 times, and there's a little bit of extra fuzzing beginning to show, but it's not enough for me to even get out the sweater stone.

Plans for the weekend? Work on Dayflower and blocking and finishing the gifts, including the 'leventy-dozen ends in the kids' hats, plus a review of the gift stash to see if I'm missing anything. Time to be packing up those boxes.

PS - if anyone is still looking for a nice gift, there are two lap quilts still available, the darker green/pink in diagonal blocks and the peach. The entire cost goes to charity, remember.

Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to see a larger view.


Cindy G said...

Wow, the Dayflower is really moving along, and it is looking beautiful! When you finish isn't all that important (ask me, ask Cala) You are going to love it whenever it's done.
Hope the headaches are easing off

jillian said...

Your shawl is beautiful - you absolutely should be so proud! And DH's vest is handsome too!

Karin said...

A fellow KAL slacker salutes you! Just kidding :)... Your dayflower is lovely and look at that vest, it is very handsome - love the colour.

Madge said...

Vest looks very dashing indeed. And you definitely are zooming along on the shawl. It's so pretty. (and I know you're going to it done waaaay before I finish my Hanging Garden....)

enid said...

great vest!!
I don't do KAL because I'm super slow.

But at least you played well. :D

calamintha said...

Your Dayflower Shawl will be so lovely when finished. Don't feel bad, I am still working on the Daffodil shawl from the Kinzel book. I think I started back in February. The Dayflower shawl will be sooo soft and luxurious in the Baby Silk too. I hope that pattern becomes available online sometime.

Good job on DH's vest too. Bet he is happy with it. So sorry you are continuing to have trouble with the headaches though. I hope your doctor can find something that works for you.

smariek said...

Love the colors you chose for the shawl & vest. (Ok, I'm biased, I like blues, lol) What a beautiful shawl. I'm loving the HS, btw.

Grace Yaskovic said...

feel better my friend, did you get my email? I love the quilt and the entire package was wonderful I am so glad I could help your charity. The Dayflower looks super and so does hubby's vest!

Sandra D said...

Oh Barbara, what beautiful work! The Dayflower looks so intricate and such a nice color, you're going to keep it, right? The vest is simply perfect; fit, color and great stitch pattern. The HW silk looks like it was a very good choice, can be dressed up for office as well as casual. You're inspiring me to knit one for my DH :-).

mehitabel said...

I have loved loved loved the Dayflower pattern since I first ran across it in a BW treasury back in, oh, ought-70-something! I printed off the pattern for the scarf, but a shawl would be even better! Hmmm... I guess, just repeat the pattern x number of times to get the right size, huh? Love to see it when it's done!

Anonymous said...

Double strands of Baby Silk? That's better than chocolate! I love Oat Couture's patterns, too; the vest looks great on your hubby.

jayne said...

The vest looks great on DH. Very nice look for him.

So sorry about the head-aches. Stressful time of year, isn't it? Hope you get some relief.

Mmmm...that shawl is looking luverly. Challenging pattern, and looks so nice in that yarn/colour.

Why don't I knit in KAL's?? Too antisocial I guess :).

Bri McS said...

It took me a while to catch up on my blog reading and commenting, but it was worth the wait for the great pics. My fave thing is DH's vest. It is great knitting, B, and I know looks fantastic on him. It'll be quite the day when I get my C. in some highland silk!! :)

Vamanta said...

I am floored by your very ambitious lace undertaking, and with doubled yarn as well. It looks amazing, CBM, keep going!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't finish Lacevember but you started right before Thanksgiving...if you can finish a shawl in like, 10 days, you must not be doing anything else, LOL.

The vest is very nice--my DH wears them in the winter, too, and I've been looking for a nice pattern.