Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Great Book

While I'm in the mood for touting books, I want to praise another author's work. Margaret Radcliffe of Maggie's Rags has written a terrific 'how-to' for knitters of all skill levels. I came across this book at The Mannings booth at Stitches West 2006, and was privileged to meet the author and get my copy signed. The Knitting Answer Book (link to Amazon)has become my chairside companion for any questions I come up with.

This has completely replaced the Knitter's Companion; my copy of that is circa 2004, and even as a newly-returned knitter after 20 years, I found it pretty much useless. I've been told the currently-available edition has improved, but I don't have any interest in it. I have the Vogue Knitting Book, but I find it limited in some areas and besides, it's so honkin' *big*! I do own Montse Stanley's invaluable reference, and I use it frequently. But the Knitting Answer Book is just a bit larger than 4in x 6in, so it will fit into nearly any knitting bag.

The line drawings in the Knitting Answer Book are very clear and the working yarn is in a different color to make it easier to follow. I've added tabs to mine to make it easier to find the items I look up most often. The sections are cross-referenced to any other information about the same topic, there's a detailed table of contents and a 12-page index. I am amazed that Ms Radcliffe was able to squeeze so much into a little book, though there are 400 pages. The binding is very sturdy, the pages are on substantial paper and the book opens pretty flat.

OK, what else can I tell you? I love this book; I think everyone should have it. I have found copies at my local Michael's, so if yours carries it, the weekly 40% off coupon will make this cost you only $9. And the link to Amazon will get it for you for $9.42 plus s/h.


smariek said...

I like that book too. It's a great size, small and portable. It's easy to find something, and the short question/answer format makes it easy for me to just open to some random page to do a quickie read.

Joan said...

Thanks CBM, I will check out my Michael's for the book. I agree about the Vogue book being so big. I hate dragging it out.

jayne said...

I've seen that one too. I like the size and layout.

Good book reports on both here.

I'm thinking about getting the favorite socks book.

Has your knitting-mojo returned yet?

My word-v is tady-b-qew (bbq taters anyone?)

Madge said...

Lovin' your book reviews, Ms. CMB.


Cindy G said...

Adding tabs is a brilliant idea. I really love this book, too, but sometimes couldn't find what I was looking for as quickly as I wanted to. Thanks for a good tip.