Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yesterday's LYS Goodies

I didn't post any pictures of my goodies from Stitches from the Heart's LYS visit yesterday. So here are the yummy new items in my monster stash.

First, we have my free Customer Appreciation gift, a big zipped canvas tote with the STFH logo and one outside pocket. I was persuaded to pick up a matching blue notions bag, since at least two I know I used to have are missing in the stash somewhere. And another tape measure, to replace the one I broke. I like having special totes for the different places I go regularly, like my seniors' group and the Friday Night Unwinders. That way, as I come across things I want to take to share with the group, I can add them to the tote and not have to search for them at the last minute. And of course that means I need a small set of notions for each one. This may become my seniors' group tote. Since I only do scarves, hats and shawls these days, I don't need the giant bag I've used for several years which will hold an entire afghan.

And then here is the fiber haul, all of which fits with room left over in the SFTH tote. At the top is 2 skeins of Universal Yarn's Classic Worsted LP (long-print) in a sunny apricot/off-white mix. This will be something like the baby vest I made back in January, in a deep green color. I can easily get a vest and hat or even a small cardi out of the 2 skeins. Moving clockwise, there are 2 skeins of a new Italian wool, Martifil Stripe. I couldn't get anything useful at the website, but here's a blogger who has used this lovely bright yarn (11/20/06 post). These will become a winter gift scarf. There are 2 skeins of Regia Stretch Color in a denimy teal color (which I just now found I could have bought at half-price at WEBS. OK, OK, it's a charity shop. Justification here.). And then there are 2 skeins of Mondial Merino Plus, a superwash merino/acrylic blend, that will probably become a kids' garment. The lovely variegated blend of corals, pinks, sage green and lavender just jumped right off the shelf. The color runs are just an inch or so, so this should become a mottled-looking fabric. Pretty!!

On actual knitting news, I reached Row 17 of the Horcrux sock last night and had to quit due to tired eyes. Row 17, with the little trick of taking a stitch from the next row to finish the pattern, came out OK, but Row 19 didn't, so I've missed a stitch somewhere. And the baby jacket I've been knitting in the pinks/greens James Brett Marble will have to be frogged back to before the arm increases. My gauge has loosened up so much that I've gone from one size across to a different size in length. I don't mind the longer length, but the width across the lower back is now very much disproportionate. So I'll frog and switch to a smaller needle. And I was at the point of splitting for the collar. Argghhh!! It's OK, I need a simple stockinette and garter stitch project in worsted gauge to give my hands a rest from the socks.

My Wren yarn STILL isn't here from WEBS. I checked out the UPS site yesterday, and found that their UPS ground shipments travel by tortoise. They shipped the yarn last Thursday and the site says scheduled delivery would really be today. Note to self: next time, check the additional cost for Priority Mail, especially when it's for a I-wanna-do-it-NOW project. Elann spoils us with 3-day PM delivery at nearly no markup.

If the roses don't blow away today - 25-30mph winds - I'll have some Eye Candy Friday shots of roses you haven't seen yet.


Madge said...

Nice stash enhancement!

So, did your Webs order come? (UPS drives me crazy compared to Priority Mail.)

My Princess Di bloom is still perfuming the house. Mmmm.

smariek said...

I love the colors in the Mondial Merino. Looking forward to seeing what you knit up with all this yarn!

I'm still in search of the perfect knitting bag, I don't think one exists?

Sigh... not every ships a la Elann. Hope you receive your Webs order soon.

Jennifer said...

Get new stash items! An what a nice appreciation gift. I'm sure it is already full of yarns and goodies.

mehitabel said...

Winds hit the 45 mph+ range here yesterday, knocked out the power for several hours. My roses are trying to recover from their bad pruning job (no thanks to the gardener-man!) and I'm hoping they will start blooming soon. Love your new yarns, and the tote bag too. Hmmm... let's see, how far is it to SFTH?

jayne said...

Nice yarny playthings! I love the orange/red stripedy mmmmm. Amy Qoy and I always arm wrestle each other for those colours.

I knit the zipped hoodie jacket in that Mondial in the camo earlier this year. The mottling comes out great, and it is lovely yarn to knit. And fast.

I ordered from Webs AFTER you and got mine yesterday. I think they airmailed it or something. It's a pretty big box.

Sarah-Hope said...

That Martifil Stripe is beautiful--I love the warm colors! I can't wait to hear what you think of it when you knit it up.

Thanks for being so kind to those possums. They are homely--but nobody gave them any choice in the matter. I'm sure they'd much rather look like winter ermines or something glammy.