Thursday, May 3, 2007

Eye Candy Friday - Early Style

This year the David Austen roses bloomed rather later than the other roses in the garden. We have six, and here are pictures of four of them. You've seen the lovely white Glamis Castle, and Pat Austen has the most glorious copper shades, but isn't a sturdy or heavy-blooming plant and has finished blooming for this round.

The showpiece of our Austens is Gertrude Jekyll, a deep pink and with a heavenly fragrance. Here in SoCal she grows 8-10 foot long canes, and we try to rein her in by pegging some of them into bows. This tends to make lots and lots of flowers covering the arches, and right now she is trying to take over the entire rose bed. The first picture is a happy accident, but I think it's about as pretty a rose picture as can be done with one snap.

My personal favorite is Abraham Darby, a pink/yellow/peach and the fragrance has a hint of citrus. Abraham isn't as aggressive as Gertrude, but the canes are more horizontal, so we still get a lovely show.

Here is Evelyn, a very pale peachy-white. Evelyn is part of the rose blend that makes up the signature fragrance of Crabtree & Evelyn. After a very slow start and one transplant, Evelyn is showing her happiness and a healthy growth.

This pale pink is Heritage, and you can just see it at the bottom right corner of the large picture, with Gertrude overshadowing the plant. We may have to move Heritage, since pruning Gertrude just seems to encourage her to grow more!

Other parts of the garden are looking pretty, too, and the epiphyllums are in the middle of their bloom. The smaller plants that we've had a while have come and gone, but these two new plants are the show right now; the blooms are HUGE. Right behind the yellow one is the one-gallon pot that it's growing in. And yes, the hot pink one is rather fluorescent!

This picture is for some particular friends, who sent us the plant last year. It is the Rio Blanco grapefruit, with a pleasant flavor and a thick skin, according to the ones we've found at the farmers' market. Much to our delight, the tree survived the frost (unlike our avocado), and here you can see fruit. Right now they are the size of large blueberries, and it will be months and months before the fruit is ripe.

Remember, click on the pictures for a larger view!


Mary Tess said...

Glorious photos! Thank you for posting them. I saw a Jacaranda in full bloom today that stopped me dead on the sidewalk. If the photo comes out it will be on my blog soon. Sorry about the avocado--ours is now firewood but we cut it down on purpose. I would hate to lose a tree to a frost.

jayne said...

Wow, this is the best eye candy. Flowers (amaaaaazing exotic flowers and roses) and knitting projects and all kinds of yarny goodness.

Who is this Jayne chick anyway?

Love the Bucks Bar. I kept going and looking and hoping it would soon be gone.

Thanks for the link on the hoodie. I might make one of those.

Madge said...

Eye candy extravaganza. I'm in awe of your roses, esp. Gertrude. Lovely, lovely.

And you have grapefruitlets. (see, it applies to citrus as well as socks) Kewl.

Having a Knit Fitt said...

Oh those beautiful roses! Thanks for the pictures.

And I made that KP&S freebie to send to afghans for Afghans too. I love their patterns.

Kim said...

The roses are beautiful! One of the things I liked about living in SoCal was the roses. I've never had roses grow as well as they did there.

Joan said...

CBM you have a magic green thumb, for sure! Those are glorious!

junior_goddess said...

My DAs always struggle because of the heat. The English roses just don't LIKE to get sunburned! Yours look great!

Lisa W. said...

i am positively salivating here! I can almost inhale the delicate fragrance. I love the Gertrude Jeckyll and miss roses SO MUCH!!!! and the grapefruitlets....too adorable for words! Have a great weekend!

benne said...

Barbara, your roses are stunning! Just jaw-dropping gorgeous blooms. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I know I'll be back to drool over them again. You've got the gift and the climate for roses. It's a constant war with blackspot around here.

Anonymous said...

Your roses are so beautiful! Around here, roses don't even think of blooming until mid-late June.