Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Update on the Comfort Shawl

I've had a couple of inquiries about the Comfort Shawl pattern. I really think the 'wonkiness' I have is due to my knitting, not the pattern. I was really zooming along on this, and when I get up too much speed, my tension gets uneven sometimes. If this were done with a blockable yarn, I think the puckery bits along the two decrease areas (one each shoulder) would even out. But this is 70% acrylic, so I'm not thinking to block it at all.

Unless the experienced knitters among you think I could steam-block it a bit??

There's been no knitting progress at all since my last post. Except I've worked in all the ends on the projects that needed them. I'm looking for the remainder of a skein of Nashua for a bit to do a 3-needle bindoff of the hood seam of another baby sweater that got buried ages ago. I may have to break into a full skein for 18in of yarn.

It's hot, which makes me restless and a bit cranky, and I dislike putting on the a/c. Since we had our 1937-vintage house retro-fitted with central heat and a/c, there are some spots that are too cold and some that don't get enough cooling. So I set for minimal cooling and try to use fans. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Yeah, I *said* I was cranky. Yesterday I had planned to go see Madge and the Monday Montrose knitting group, but a plumbing emergency took up most of the day.

So - I'm going to suck it up and go knit - Sun Ray or MS3 or Luna Moth? Maybe each in turn.


Sarah-Hope said...

I would be careful about steam blocking acrylic as it might melt at temperatures high enough to create steam.

As for shawl knitting--how about alternating, ten rows of each? (I'm trying to do ten rows a day of MS3, but don't always meet that goal.)

Madge said...

This heat is also making me cranky. And tired. And sweaty. My advice? Knit naked, dudette. Or in your underpants; that might be more comfortable.

I think I'm going to try it this afternoon as I work on CPH's button(less) band.

Christine said...

Having lived for years in an a/c-less upstairs apartment, I second what Madge said! It really does help.
It also helps to work on small projects, although I'm in no position to recommend that. I'm still working on Mariel, an oversized mohair and cashmere sweater which I may conceivably wear sometime in December or January.

junior_goddess said...

Do not knit wool naked, Barbara. Or mohair.


Lisa W. said...

do you Luna and I'll pick mine back up again too! San Francisco was the last time I touched it and I want to finish it and wear it before summer's over (or at least what passes for summer here....hate that over 70 degree weather...i feel for you!

TracyKM said...

Totally off topic here (although the lace reminds me of her), but I've lost my link to Marie in San Fran. blog. I thought it was in your links. Do you happen to know it? Something like smarieknits.blogspot?