Saturday, July 21, 2007

What a Private Yarn Stash!!!

Someone on the Elann chat posted about this woman's yarn stash. How many LYSs do you know that have less yarn? I can think of quite a few. Here's the link to the Mochimochi blog .


Christine said...

I went, I looked, I drooled, and I felt sooooooo much better about my own stash! Thanks for pointing this one out. What an incredible stash that woman has! And what a wonderful room that is! I'm envious of her glass front cabinets, and just a lil envious of her stash (I don't have room for it, even if I gave up furniture, books, the kitchen, etc so that tempers my envy)

mehitabel said...

Okay, I feel better now. Thank you for showing me that I am NOT the most excessive yarn collector out there! Now, if we add in the fabric, there might be competition--nah, she still wins, hands down!

Madge said...

Whoa. That's AWESOME.

(I guess we have nothing to worry about, eh?! )

smariek said...

Drool. Envy. Lust. I need cabinets like that!

Ok, I've gotta remember this site when DH tells me I have too much yarn (which hasn't happened... yet).