Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Fun with Elannites!

Yesterday Christine (another Elannite) and I went out to lunch with SK and her mother. We had dim sum, a real treat for me. With SK and her mother ordering for us, we got all sorts of great dishes, including spicy clams in the shell, several shrimp dishes, my favorite barbecue pork bao, and then some great desserts - sesame-covered buns with lotus paste and a very tasty sort of jelled rice. Note to others: it's tricky to pick up a jello sort of thing with chop sticks. As Lisa W and I found when we went for dim sum in San Francisco, it is amazing how quickly you can fill up on just a few of those wonderful tasty bits they serve.

Christine teaches 5th grade in Azusa, and entertained us with her tales of the trip to Washington, D.C., Jamestown and Williamsburg that she and another teacher, plus assorted parents, take with about 30 kids every summer. Apparently this year they had some special treats, including a ride up to the top of the Washington Monument, and a peek at some of the new excavations being made at the original Jamestown settlement. With school starting in the next week or so, Christine had to head back to her planning, so it was a short visit, but a lot of fun!

Once again, I nearly forgot the camera, but dug it out when we got back to SK's mother's home, so we have very simple pictures.


Madge said...


(that's all)

Grace Yaskovic said...

I am so glad you are having a such a wonderful happy visit!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you to finally meet each other. And the food..never mind! What a treat.