Saturday, September 8, 2007

Don't Hurt Yourself Laughing!

I discovered the 'lolcat' phenomenon via Ravelry, and these particular websites, I Can Has Cheezburger?, (Cheezburger)and LOLCats have some really funny pix. The 'akrilyik' picture is from the Ravelry discussion. The Grammar and Spelling Nanny in me deplores the lousy grammar and the likelihood that this will make our schools' jobs of teaching good English a lot tougher, but, oh, goodness, these are FUNNY!!

In knittery news, my dear friend Madge spent most of Thursday helping to sort through and catalog about half of my stash. She is *SO* good at helping me be strong about laying aside those yarns that I honestly will never knit. I now have 100+ posts to my Ravelry stash, though there are few pictures. There's a group of friends who are planning a yarn sale/swap, and some of these orphans should find new homes - another friend from my seniors' group took home some goodies yesterday, and I now have extra $$ to spend on the new KnitPicks Options Harmony needles. These are laminated, colored birch needle tips, which fit into the Options cords; there are also fixed circulars with these tips, and sets of dpns (SIX in case of breakage!!) Oh, yum!!!

Happy Saturday!


Madge said...

Banzai! You're the queen of the Ravelry stash! Well done - I can't believe you've entered so much (all of it?) already. We'll have to do round two soon.

P.S. That akrilyik one is hilarious.

P.P.S. Just call me Nurse Hatchet of the Stash. Heh.

marie in florida said...

poor acrilyik pushin' kitty, doesn't she look like she has tears in her eyes?

the only part of my stash that i posted on Ravelry is my vintage cotton.

Sarah-Hope said...

I adore these sites! They are the most fun.

Ellen Bloom said...

Oooo....I'm totally looking forward to your "friends" yarn stash sale so I can enhance my yarn-a-holic stash!!! Woo Hooo!

Dipsy said...

My gosh, these pics are an absolute scream!!! Thank you so much for sharing these links, I checked through some of the photos already and can't stop howling ;)

Cindy G said...

Well, at least "Banzai" is spelled correctly :) The pictures are hilarious.

As the spouse of a 6th grade teacher I have to tell you that he is fighting "text message" spelling all the time.