Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Into the Frog Pond

AAARRRGGHHH! The Sea & Shells stole is destined for a complete remake via the Frog Pond. I'm in the middle of the 7th repeat, and thought I'd check the remaining yarn. So - 100g total in the skein, currently 60g on the ball. Huh??? What you're seeing here ('scuse the sunlight blur at the bottom) is approximately 13in, which I'm guessing would block out to 16-17in.

This obviously required a re-reading of the yarn requirements. OOPS! The pattern as written calls for 100g of laceweight yarn, which, at least in Posh Yarn, the source of the pattern, has approximately 650yds per 100g. Sea Silk is light fingering weight yarn, with 437yds per 100g. The other Ravelry knitters who have finished this shawl in Sea Silk have used TWO skeins. None of them have listed the final dimensions of their shawls; it's really annoying when Ravelers don't include this information.

Gee, golly, gosh, shucky darn!!!! (my teenage swear) How the h**l did I screw up something so basic? California dreamin', I guess.

So - I'm currently knitting 3 horizontal repeats of the Print o' the Wave pattern. I'm going to try this again, with only 2 horizontal repeats. That will reduce the yarn requirements per inch of length. This will still probably be only a scarf, not a stole, but the yarn and the pattern are a terrific combination.

The good: the pattern is much easier to follow after 7 repeats; I've only had to tink back part of rows here and there, and less often than before.



Lisa W. said...

oh that sounds...painful. but it is gorgeous gorgeous yarn and a fantastic pattern...howbout option another skein and keep going....sure would be worth it i'm thinking...

Lisa W. said... the avatar!~

Joan said...

Oh fudge!! How something so beautiful cause so much pain. :-{

Love your Meez!