Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SLOW Progress

I'm working on the Sea & Shells Stole, but this is going very slowly. The central pattern is exactly the same as Eunny Jang's Print o' the Wave, just fewer repeats across, and it's not really a complicated pattern. But the partial motifs on the sides of the main pattern take a different # of stitches for each row, so I'm having to knit nearly stitch by stitch. And there have been lots of time in the Frog Pond. You know, knit a row, purl back, knit a row, tink the last one.

The yarn is working out even more beautifully than I had hoped. There's pooling, I suppose, but the colors change so subtly that it isn't something that bothers me. The colors are somewhere between these two photos, one without flash, the other with.

I keep being very tempted, particularly by the gorgeous edging of Eunny's pattern, to frog the whole thing and use that, just with 3 repeats across. Sea & Shell has no edging to be added afterward, just a border of the Razor Shell pattern (this is the best close-up picture I could find). But all the knitters who have finished Eunny's pattern have used 2+ skeins of Sea Silk, and some have commented that the edging can take nearly a skein. Sigh. Another time, perhaps.

I thought I'd show off our newly-washed Midnight. Saturday was a very stressful day for her, and I seemed to be nearly as wet by the time we were done, lol! But Miss Elegant Pawsitude has become a very, very 'lazy groomer', as the vet called it, and she was really dirty. After a suitable amount of Greenies and bonita flakes for treats, she consented to forgive me by the next day. She seems to be putting in a lot of extra effort to keep up her 16-18 hours/day sleeping routine.

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Lisa W. said...

oh but that is such a pretty colorway. hope it's for you, those are your colors for sure...poor lazy groomer...she's so soft and fluffy looking now though!