Friday, April 18, 2008

Floral Eye Candy

The lost camera charger has been found; it had disappeared into the depths of a knitting bag. How? No clue. Savings = $56!! ;-D

So this is a post brimming with the flowers currently delighting the eyes in our yard. First, the bougainvillea - San Diego Red

Texas Dawn
The 'house-eating' Barbara Karst (the best she's looked ever!)

and a poor soul that has become nameless.

Then some random beauty - Fortnight Lily, so named because it blooms about every 2 weeks; a gorgeous epiphylum

Our deep pink New Zealand Tea Tree

and some 'freeway daisies' (aka African Daisy or osteospermum); these bloom with abandon, even in the awful conditions along freeways. I love this cheerful yellow (the only one in bloom yesterday). Sometimes I find these in white, but most often they're a vivid purplish-pink.

And then some of the roses - French Lace, with IMO the prettiest buds of all; Mr Lincoln - had to pull this one down from its 6ft height

Our new simple but vividly red climber

Abraham Darby, a David Austen with a bit of citrus in the scent

Another David Austen, this one Pat Austen

The 1868 climber Sombreuil; this one always makes me think of dozens of petticoats

And the promised shots of our enormous (David Austen) Gertrude Jekyll, a close-up and a view of the dozens of blossoms on this huge 6-7 foot tall bush.


Les said...

Gorgeous flowers, CBM! There's a green thumb there! We have had snow since yesterday afternoon which is to continue until tues! Last weekend I was sweating outside in a t-shirt! You've obviously stolen spring from us!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful. We have had such a long, cold, hard winter here in Michigan. I finally have my early daffodils blooming. We pay $5. a piece here for your freeway daisies! And then, they get ratty looking during the summer.

Sandra said...

if there's one thing that could get me to move, it would be those pictures...
just beautiful!

smariek said...

You have a beautiful garden. I wish I could have a thumb as green as yours.

Anonymous said...

That's what's happening in my house. So far, we've seen the crocuses and the jonquils. My plum tree has finally decided to bloom too... but the weeping cherry? silent -- withholding it's bounty. The crab? silent. The apples, pears, peaches? silent.
Any other hint of floral activity? only in someone else's yard.
Even the tulips are only leaves (but at least they're leaves).
I covet your garden today.

Cindy G said...

Oh Beautiful. I love Mr. Lincoln, I love Ms. Jekyll, oh heck, I love them all, and only wish there was a way you could send the scent along with the photos.