Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Going Nowhere Slowly, But Greenly

Argghhh!! I have just frogged the first half of the 79th (77th? 81st?) row of the Mystic Light Shawl, early in Clue #2 of the current Mystery Shawl KAL. For the 4th time. I counted the stitches in the completed half-row - 81 stitches. That *should* mean the completed row is the 79th row (stitch count currently = Row # + 2), and I should knit the 81st row of the chart (WS rows are even numbers). So, why was I 2 sts short when I got to the center? The prior knitting effort, I was 2 sts too long.

The final clue, #5, came out this morning. Many knitters are already planning to finish this chart today or tomorrow; I think the edging starts around Row 171. I'm stuck on Row 79 - or 81. Still.

Pounding. Head. on. Table.

On a positive note, yesterday was Earth Day.

I didn't know this until about 10am when I was driving to West LA for an appointment with the dentist and other errands. So, when I got back to the Burbank area about 3pm, I got the tires rotated and properly aired up. This should increase my gasoline mileage. Maybe. And I did 2 appointments and 3 errands in the same trip, which is sort of efficient. I try.

My current odometer reading? 33,191.
Age of car? Bought new in 1999. ;-D

Edited to add: We bought the car shortly before I had to quit working for health problems. Otherwise, there'd be something on the order of 40+ miles as a 5 day/week round-trip commute; in 9 years, that would add up to a lot more. DH drives the little 1997 Ford Ranger pickup, which has some 85,000 miles on it.


smariek said...

I find it amazing that you have managed 3,700 miles per year on your car, especially in the LA area where you could end up driving longer distances locally.

As for the shawl, I can only suggest walking away from it for a bit, enjoy a glass of wine, and hopefully it'll be clear as mud as you return to it slightly inebriated. ;-)

Sandra said...

You've got about the same mileage as my Mom, and her car is around the same age.
Me? I have a 2006 Honda Civic - with around 170,000KM on it! (conversion - 105,633 miles)
I think I drive too much...

Yarnhog said...

So sorry about the shawl! Knitting lace is like watching a two-year-old: let your eye or mind wander for five seconds and it's hanging off the edge of a burning building, juggling knives. Best thing to do it set it aside and work some plain stockinette for a little while.