Monday, April 14, 2008

Interlude Sans Photo

I put up a post last week and then 'took it back' for editing. 'Twill come back soon.

In the meantime, my camera battery is drained, the backup battery didn't keep its charge while in storage for less than 2 months, and the house gremlins have hidden the charger. Sony - after over 20mins on the phone with 2 different people, tells me that they have the charger in stock, despite the website disavowing any such part, but it's $56US! I'm gonna keep looking for the charger I know I have, for $56!!

My Friday night friends and I partied Chez CBM on Friday and then went on a road trip to the Santa Clarita valley for a small yarn crawl. Pictures of new yarny goodness are, of course, tied up in the blinkin' camera.

Yesterday and today hit 95F on our shaded back porch, and about 6 dozen new roses popped on just one bush since Friday, our beautiful David Austen rose, Gertrude Jekyll. BTW, the grower who's linked, with a very good picture of Gertrude, doesn't grow her in SoCal - our rose regularly puts out 8-10 *foot* tall canes, which we have to bend over (peg), and she loves to bloom and bloom and bloom. Of course, she also grows some seriously wicked thorns!

The roses are stunning, but many of the petals have dried in the extreme dry heat. Later this week we should timewarp back to Spring. I hope. I start melting at 85F.

Later, my friends.


Cindy G said...

Oh put out some milk at night for the brownies so maybe they will return your stuff. I really, really want to see the David Austen roses.

smariek said...

I feel your pain, it reminds me of when I was missing the doohickey for my camera which I needed to download and charge my camera. Never did find it, and had to order a replacement, but it was around $15 (I think), not as ridiculous as your $56!!! I'm looking forward to your photos when you find your charger.