Friday, July 18, 2008

A Knitted Hug

Marie (Smariek) posted today about a secret project that many of us Elannites (as we've come to call ourselves) worked on the last month. Benne, one of the first members of the Elann Chat Center group, has been through a couple of serious health problems, and most recently had surgery on her eyes to save her sight. We decided that she needed a' knitted hug', and so Libby organized a community-knit blanket. Each of us knitted a 12in square, which Libby and others sewed together and added a beautiful border. You can see pictures of the finished blanket at Feather Song's blog here.

Marie's post has identified several of the squares, with links to the blogger's posts. Alice, Jamie and I knitted them during our knitting retreat in mid-June. Here are pictures of my square and theirs.

Mine, the lacy green one, is the Dayflower facecloth pattern, which I found on Marie's blog, though the motif is found in quite a few patterns, and is one of my favorites.

Jamie's green square is done in an arrowhead sort of pattern - sorry, I forget the exact name.

Alice's lovely deep purple is a motif she took from one of Elsebeth Lavold's patterns, Gyrid, I think.

I finally got to meet Benne on my Vancouver trip; she is a warm and caring person, and being a part of a group knitting project to remind her how much she is valued by the Elann group and each of us was a pleasure. It was a huge amount of work for Libby and the others who organized and put this together, and I thank them for it very much.


smariek said...

I've linked your blog post to mine ( so they can come here to see these three squares. I'm still amazed that we managed to pull this off in under a month!

Now if only I could get my act together with the rest of my knitting. I have NOT knit for many days now. It's partly because Miss M has totally given up afternoon naps. However we're hoping to get her into day care/preschool soon, so that should mean I'll have more time to get housework done and some knitting as my reward if the housework is done early.

Joan said...

4 of us knit the BW lace edging, in case you didn't know. ;-}

That 5 ft section of edging was the only thing I've knit in months! Yikes. I can't seem to pick up a needle. I'll just watch you. lol

Carol said...

What a lovely idea?

Carol said...

Phooey, that is not supposed to be a question mark. My typin gskills suck.

benne said...

Barbara, it was so great to meet you finally. I felt like we had already met after all these years. I cannot tell you how surprised and touched I was by blankie madness. I cannot imagine how you all pulled it off so fast. Never underestimate a knitter. And to think you knit on that square with me sitting right there! You are the sneaky one. :)