Friday, October 10, 2008


I had a Blocking Party yesterday, assisted most ably by Midnight. But she was just exhausted with the effort, and insisted on a nap.

I finally have FO pictures of my Woodland Scarf,

Chevron Scarf,

Wavy Feathers Wimple

and Odessa hat. Odessa is the bright yellow object in the foreground of the first photo.

I'm thinking I may have blocked the long scarves too severely; I'll get some feedback from my Friday Night Knitters tonight.


Marlyn said...

Everything is so beautiful. I especially love the Woodland scarf.

My fuzzy one likes to help me block as well.

Suzann said...

I love the Woodland scarf too. But they are all beautiful. Did you put beads on your Ice Queen?

smariek said...

I must be really tired (prolly cold-related) cuz I read this as "block party" instead of "blockING party". Beautiful projects. I love the Woodland Scarf too. BTW, you have beautiful floors!

Bobbi said...

Wow, you do have beautiful floors and I too loved the Woodland scarf. Guess it is time to start my own; Midnight looks so exhausted, did she help much? Do you use those rubber mats for blocking? It would be a great thing to use, I think. Ours are just grey.