Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It Does Too Rain in California!

Well, sometimes. Last night it really rained, pouring down with some thunder-boomies as accents. We set a new record for the date, 0.95 inch of rain, beating the 0.71 record set in 1960. And it's crispy out, hitting our today's high of 60F.

Our soil Chez CBM is quite sandy, so we don't have many puddles, but oh, the trouble the people are having in the burned areas. At least we had enough rain to help avoid some of the worst oil-slicking on the roads. When we get just a little bit of rain, it 'floats' the oil that has built up on the roads over all our dry months, and it becomes a bit dangerous for braking. My friend Curlerchik, who lives near Toronto, recently commented about the problems people there have with the first snowfalls, seeming to have forgotten how to drive in snow and icy conditions. We have the same phenomenon here, but it's just rain.

In the Knittery News:

I finished the green cabled mitts, and another pair as well. This pair is done in Clara Parkes' Maine Morning Mitts pattern, which is a really fast knit. And she has written what may be the absolutely best directions for knitting a thumb gusset. The yarn is an oddball of Lang's Mille Colori blend of wool and acrylic, one of those 'same dyelot but only a cousin' sort of colorway. This yarn is a lovely singles, and the colors repeat but in no pattern I've been able to find. So the mitts are fraternal. I'm still having camera problems, so the colors aren't very true.

After much dithering and changes in yarn, color and pattern, I finally have a combination I like for the scarf I'm making for my internist. This is Elann's Baby Cashmere in the Tapestry Blue color, and the pattern is Brooke Nelson's Column of Leaves. This is an easy 8-pattern row knit, though I haven't yet, even after 10 repeats, gotten to the point I don't need to look at the chart. I know I bitched about being done with scarves, but this one really insisted on being knitted; it does remind me about why I was bored with scarves - 39 sts and turn. Over and over.

And after some not-too-subtle hints and downright questions, I'm starting a sweater for DH. The Winter 2008 Interweave Knits had this simple but attractive sweater pattern, Woven Bands Pullover, knitted from sleeve edge to sleeve edge, and I have some Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in color 506 (a sage-y green) I grabbed a while back from one of Little Knits' great sales. I'd love to knit this in a heathery yarn, like the Eco Wool used in the pattern, but hey - Shop the Stash, y'know. And hey! Here's a swatch!!

Tonight we start with the side dishes for our T-Day feast tomorrow. I wish all of you a happy and uneventful celebration.


lunadog said...

The mitts are awesome! The colourway is beautiful and I love the asymmetry. And they're a useful length. I'm off to find the pattern!

Les said...

I too love your Maine Morning Mitts. I haven't used the yarn but have almost bought it many times. The colours look lovely! Nice gift idea!

smariek said...

You guys get rain?!?!

Love the color changes across those mitts. I seem to be knitting lots of mitts lately and just winging them. It'd probably be a lot easier to follow tried and true patterns, but I'm not a big collector of patterns mostly likely because I don't have own a printer to print them. And I'm not a big collector of knitting books. I guess this makes me an odd knitter, lol.

I thought you swore off scarves. Maybe you should try that pattern in a cowl so you can just go round and round and round. I recently picked up some Baby Cashmere in the Tapestry Blue color. I love that color, it's wonderful how they offer that color in many of their house yarns.

" Knitting Needle Sizes" said...

The mitts are fantastic! I love the pattern and the colors. The scarf and the sweater looks wonderful too. Their colors are very lovely. The patterns are great. Nice job!