Monday, December 15, 2008

Time to Give

Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot, has again started accumulating her tally of the dollars given to Doctors Without Borders, via the groups she's christened Knitters Without Borders (Tricoteuses Sans Frontières). Until December 5, when she posted about her 2008 campaign on her blog, the cumulative total was $420,000 (US?).

Today, after only 10 days, the total is $560,000. That's right, $140,000 in 10 days.

Give what you can. Donate what that yarn that you managed NOT to buy would have cost you. Donate what you would have spent for one more prezzie.

Here's the link to her FAQ about the plan. You can click on through to the Doctors Without Borders website from there (she has links for Canada, the US, and worldwide), or you can send a check. Either way, send an email to Stephanie at the address she's set up to capture the donations (don't send to the email addy in the FAQ page) -

As Stephanie has said in her speeches, knitters know how much one stitch at a time can do, when added to another stitch and another and.... We are also showing just how much we knitters can do $1 at a time.

If you prefer, give to Heifer International, which teaches people how to care for the animals that will give them a better diet and a better life - cows, pigs, SHEEP, rabbits, LLAMAs, geese, etc. You can donate enough for an entire animal or just a part. They've even got a larger gift they've labeled a "Knitting Basket" - 2 llamas & 2 sheep. A part of the Knitting Basket is $50.

Or give to Freedom from Hunger, a successful microfinance organization helping women to support their families.

You can check on charities at Charity Navigator, a site I found thanks to my friend who writes the Short Stuff blog. Heifer International gets 3 of 4 stars, Freedom from Hunger rates 4. Doctors Without Borders also rates 4 stars.

Give to one of these or to whatever charity you prefer to support. Just give what you can.


smariek said...

Great post.

That Charity Navigator is interesting, and also overwhelming to navigate. So many charities to sort through! I never realized how inefficient some of the big name ones were.

Sarah Laurenson said...

D and I gave parts of a knitting basket this year.

Thanks for the shout out.

And mucho thanks for the Certified guys. Came out last minute and might actually have the heater fixed in 2 days whereas the other (AAA rated by the BBB) company wanted to start over after 4 days with a day off in between attempts.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I put the donation button in my side bar and made a donation:)Hugs Darcy

TracyKM said...

Hope all is well, and you're just super busy knitting, not suffering will illness again :)

Roberta Granada said...

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