Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Busy Day, Fun Day

Yesterday was a long, busy, fun day. I met my friend JM for lunch at my favorite little coffeehouse, and then we hit our favorite LYS, Unwind Yarn, to check out the new arrivals. Stephanie has started carrying the worsted and chunky of Nashua Creative Focus yarn and has just added the superwash; she says she's going to stock some 2 dozen of the colors! I grabbed a deepish orange and 2 shades of blue for the DGSs BL in Alaska. While I was there I got 2 skeins of the new Rowan Tapestry yarn in the Rustic colorway. It's a DK weight, made with 70% wool and 30% soy, and it is luscious in the skein!

Next it was off to the the Post Office, with 5 packages, including the oh-so-frustrating Addi Turbos that I've sold. Then I spent an hour or so with my mom at her nursing home and doing a bit of knitting on the second diagonal-knit charity scarf, in the same browns/black yarn as the 2 hats and scarf I posted about earlier. Picked up umpteen cans of cat food at Petco and then a short visit to Costco, where they didn't have half of the items on my list.

JM and I have been getting to be good friends outside of our seniors group, and she and her DH came over for dinner a week or so ago. JM has misplaced her size I crochet hook, so I made my first visit to her house to lend her one. Knitters, she is now my organization goddess! She has the most wonderful craft room, complete with cupboards, shelves, multi-drawer units and a terrific little loveseat and storage hassock. The cupboards are totally tidy with books, pattern binders and so forth; the shelves are orderly, and the multi-drawer units with yarns, beading supplies, etc. are all labeled. I wanted to just stand there and gawk. So inspiring! There's going to be more organizing in this house, let me tell you!

Little Shadow has learned that if she's on the left side of the desk, she gets more petting. But she's beginning to take over more than her share of space!


jayne said...'re going to venture into type-A yarn storage. Ikea has fun organizy stuff. I have not met the Nashua Creative Focus in person. What's it like? Can you compare it to something I might know?? Ha! I'm not surprised that you could not keep your hands off the Tapestry. Saw that at Urban Yarns a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

I have heard there are people who have really organized craft rooms, but I didn't really think they existed!

junior_goddess said...

Wow-can I hire her?

benne said...

I've heard of folks who make a living organizing other people's stuff. I'd like to hire one of them and lock them in my sewing/yarn room.