Monday, September 18, 2006


I'm a clutterer, and I'm drowning in it.

Much of the last week or two, and particularly the last day or so, have been very frustrating. I can't seem to focus on where I put things long enough to remember when I need them again, even over just a few minutes. Recently we've done a bit of 'shove it into a box and put it aside' sort of tidying for visitors, and I've been trying to sort out those boxes/baskets so that the contents can resume life in their proper spots. As you may know, this usually leads to bigger messiness than you start with, since the piles of similar items multiply and you are left with trying to figure out homes for some which were previously living in clutter.

What really got to me on Saturday was my inability to find a couple of circular knitting needles I've arranged to sell to another knitter. I *know* that, the day we agreed on the deal, I pulled those two out of the group of needles I want to sell and wrapped them into a nice little circle. But what the heck did I do with them after that? I looked everywhere on Saturday and even hauled DH into the hunt Sunday. No such luck. As it happens, I did have duplicates, so after a bunch of fumbling around and semi-stupid emails to the buyer, the needles will be on their way to their new home tomorrow.

I've felt as lacking in concentration as in the worst days of my stress overload. I'm not on drugs, well, not recreational drugs, and my overall mood has been good for months and months. That's not to say that I haven't had some down days, because I have. But the downs are pretty shallow these days. I've figured out - with good help from friends - how to set up this blog. I can type coherent sentences, I can knit cables on my gift scarf - which does require some
concentration. So what's with the constant 'where did I put that thing I just had?'

So, let's count the good, finished and/or organized bits. I've tossed a lot of clothes I haven't worn in a couple of years, a big box full. I restored order to the sheets and towels in the linen closet, including culling out 2 old sets of sheets and one truly ancient set of towels, also to be given away. Out of the umpteen
hundred bits of paper with telephone numbers and addresses that have been living on the desk and shoved into my phone book, I have re-done both my main phone book and the little one that lives in my bag. My friends and family, my repair resources and my knitting friends and LYSs, all neatly alphabetized and legible. More order. More order is good.

I still have to work my way through the remaining piles of stuff and getting them back to where they're in some order. Before the cats take up sleeping on them and turning them dark with shed hair. I have to re-think the bookshelf storage for my looseleaf binders full of patterns and collections of knitting magazines, since those have overflowed their space, too.

I can find the big stuff, like towels; it's hard for them to hide. Circular needles, well, those don't take up enough space to be seen under a magazine. Sigh.
In case you're interested, I'm de-stashing my Addi Turbo circulars, and they're for sale. I've added a link to email me, so I hope it works.

Progress on tan scarf? Some.


Anonymous said...

Reformulating your address book is big stuff! By the way, perhaps in all your things, you have found my missing size 10 Inox circs? :)

benne said...

Ah, Barbara, you're giving me hope. I am a packrat. Some on my own and some because I now have all of the family things since I'm the last one standing. Good for you for putting a big dent in the gotta-get-organized thing. If I could just find all my size 7 Addis...

junior_goddess said...

Oh crap, stop making me feel guilty. My house is a train wreck.

jayne said...

Proud of you, CBM!

Cindy G said...

Oh my dear, I hear you, and I really should email you photos of my stacks and stacks (I'm too embarassed to actually post them), just so you would really know you are not alone!

Btw, the seaman's scarf is looking beautiful.

SooZ said...

Persevere, and be patient. I've been cleaning, sorting, messing up the house all at once for 5 years now. but I see you've made progress in many ways. Clothes you havent worn for two years you got rid of.

At least the circ's are IN the house. I hope theres comfort in that. They'll show up.I know the frustration very well.


Sandra said...

Wanna come and organize my house, next? Please? Pretty please? I'm a good cook, and my hubby and son like guests...

Bri McStan said...

When we make our way west to a certain family run inn in SoCal, we can spend some time de-cluttering. It's one of my better habits, reinforced by the academic gypsy life.

I hope you found the needles. They're there...somewhere!