Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rethinking Christmas Knitting

I've heard from the Alaska mom about her boys' color and item preferences. So I'm ditching any thoughts of scarves, since they apparently won't wear them. It's going to be hats and mittens, though I am not planning to knit the mittens; those will probably be courtesy of Lands' End.

OK, hats. Favorite colors: for the 2yo, anything is good; for the 6yo, blue or green, which I'd already thought about, since he's a pale blond with very pretty blue eyes. But for the 6th grader - black or orange? Oy. Black, IMO the hardest to knit with (vision difficulties), and orange, my least favorite color of all. This will be tough. On the up side, hats go fast! I'm off to browse the Lambs' Pride Superwash colors.

As for progress on seamen's scarf #1, here it is. I'm not getting a lot of knitting
done the last couple of days; too scattered, I guess. The 15in of neckline ribbing is done and the two ends are moving along. The ends need to be about 15in long each. I'm happy with the texture; this is nice now and will be still better with just a bit of blocking, enough to separate the vertical elements.


junior_goddess said...

I think your scarf is looking good, B.

jayne said...

I love orange! It is a recent love, but I'm hooked on certain yarny oranges. Lamb's Pride makes a good one called "Orange You Glad." Elann's HW in pumpkin is a nice orange. My fave orange yarn is "Glazed Carrot" either in Malabrigo (officially) or other types at Handpainted Yarn. I think they have some 6-ply merino in that colour in stock right now. LB's wool-ease quick and thick has a "Pumpkin" that is a great orange. Oh..and I've seen a good orange in Patons Shetland Chunky.

If you pick a yarn that you like knitting with, maybe you won't mind the orange so much.

CatBookMom said...

Thanks for the tips and compliments, knitters. I'll check the HW, and compare that to the Gedifra Living, which also has a somewhat muted orange.

Karen (Lunadog) said...

I've got a really good mitten pattern from Beehive that works up beautifully in knitting worsted. Would you like it?

Lucky Canuck said...

I'm with the orange votes, too. As long as it's not that 'fizzy' orange, it's workable. Pick a good warm shade and rock it.

As for that scarf - love it. I'm itching to start work on a textured scarf for myself in one colour. I'm getting multi-coloured out.