Friday, September 15, 2006

Neat Little Cable Needles

I'm really liking this little cable needle I picked up at Stitches West. This size, and it's just barely 3 1/2 inches long, is for size 5-8US needles. I'm ordering a larger one and a smaller one, and maybe a spare - gods forbid I leave it out and DH uses it to test something in the oven, lol!!

I finally remembered that I bought it at The Mannings, and you can buy them at the link.


benne said...

I've got a full set of these and the Brittany Birches, which I love. The only problem is, when I'm knitting on the porch and I drop one - it's down the cracks and under the porch. Where the snakes and spiders live. It's a two person rescue effort. ;-}

Trish said...

Benne, the same thing happens to me! I make my son try to find it! I have six wooden cable needles. Once, one dropped between the slats on the upper deck. I knew it was a goner, until two days later, when DH found it standing vertically in a slat which was too narrow, on the lower deck.

SooZ said...

Mmm, pretty!
I just bought an ugly plastic one from Walmart as my original one was steel n slippery and kept slipping off. I hoped the plastic would stick to the wool a bit better. Now I'm hearing about pretty wooden ones. I'll be watching for these!

Thanks for sharing. Suzie