Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yarny Fun and Yarn Dieting

One of my Elannite friends posted the link to this great little video about the obsessiveness of knitters. Enjoy!

Speaking of yarn, WEBS is at it again. I am so tempted by their new sale on Araucania wools. "This is SoCal. I don't need wool
. " But it's a great sale! "I don't need more wool." It's fabulous yardage! "I don't NEED wool." So far, I've only done 'catch-and-release' shopping, but it's only noon. If you don't know where to find WEBS, you're better off not knowing. Trust me on this.

There's a white box from Elann on its way to my door, arriving tomorrow, full of beautiful fibers. But I still want more!


Grace Yaskovic said...

i do know how you feel, I expected the white box today and it didn't come and the Tilli Tomas and it didn't come, I hope it comes tomorrow before we go away, I am on my way to WEBS now, I do NEED Wool!
PS I saw the video earlier its great, and I am a knitting guru according to suzi's blog!

jayne said...

You can't fight the primal urge to acquire yarn. It's written into your DNA now. Might as well stop fighting it. :)

J, yarn enabler extraordinaire

Bri McStan said...

What! What's going on at WEBS? This is FL. I don't need anymore wool. So, I'll have a little look and see what comes of it. I too have a white box of Joe on the way...

junior_goddess said...

I have a second box of Joe coming this way.

BTW Webs also has some summer Fiesta on sale in lovely warm climate blends.


(ducking out of here!)


benne said...

Don't ask me to help you fight the urge, Barbara. ;-} Webs is killing me!