Thursday, October 5, 2006

Missing the Days

This has been a week of Really Evil Headaches, so there's been very little happening. Even with the pain relief that Imitrex and other migraine-level medications can give, I feel groggy and can't concentrate on anything. Lots of sleeping, some reading, very little knitting. I get these 2- or 3-day headaches sporadically; I'm just glad they aren't as frequent as they were some years back. I hate losing days out of my life!

I'm craving some of Elann's gorgeous Sierra Aran yarn. The beautiful heathered colorways are so perfectly Fall, something we don't really experience here in SoCal, but I still remember vividly from my childhood in SE Missouri. Joan has some incredible Vermont eye candy on her blog today, the glorious colors that Nature paints for us this time of year. Someday, someday, I'll get to join the 'leaf peeper' crowds in New England. In the meantime, I keep reminding myself that aran-weight wool is not something I need, regardless of the color painting that has been going on in my mind. Surprisingly, the Sierra colors that I'm most drawn to are not my usual purples and blues, but the rich Russet and Cinnamon and Chestnut. I keep managing not to push the 'buy' button; maybe next year.

On a happy note, I swapped some Chibi needles for some beautiful Canadian yarns, and the most gorgeous blue and violet yarns arrived yesterday. Curlerchik is an online friend in the Toronto area, and apparently the Chibi needles are hard to find. She's promised to lead me to all sorts of sources of Canadian yarns, if I ever get up to see her. I'm thinking about putting these together with some soft green for a shawl or scarf. When my brain is back to its normal level of consciousness, of course.


Lucky Canuck said...

You come to Toronto, and I'm meeting up with you and Curler! Toronto is Yarn Capital of Canada. You will not be disappointed...

jayne said...

Makes me wish I lived closer to Toronto. But our winters are nicer than theirs :)

You almost need some kind of autumn wall hanging or something, knitted or woven in those scrumptious colours. Just to add atmosphere during the season.

Cindy G said...

The headaches sound horrible, hope the pain is passing.

You know, aran weight wool in fall colors might be something you need if it turned into a felted bag, (or if you ever go up to San Francisco on a summer evening.)

Just trying to enable here....Russett, Chestnut, mmmmmmm