Saturday, February 24, 2007

Follow-ups and WIPs

Several readers have inquired about my reference to Fleetwood Mac in the naming of the 'Knit Your Own Fleece' cartoon. I'm a huge FM fan, and had a great time a few years ago when I went to a live performance here in LA. Lindsey Buckingham wrote a song named "(You Can) Go Your Own Way", from which I took the cartoon caption. Here's a link to a performance of the song. Just in case you're not familiar with the band members, Lindsey is the dark-haired guitarist and singer on this song, Mick Fleetwood is on drums, John McVie is the guitarist in the hat, Christie McVie is on keyboards and Stevie Nicks is the long-haired blonde. John and Christie divorced many years ago. Both Christie and Stevie have solo albums, though they are some years old. This is the cover of their 1997 comeback album, the live performance of which was filmed here in Burbank.

I am
now a member of the Wicked fan club. The picture of Elphaba in the link isn't Eden Espinosa, who plays the role here, but of all the actors I was most impressed with her voice. Megan Hilty, in the role of Glinda/Galinda-with-a-'ga', instantly reminded me of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, particularly with her entrance sitting on top of a mound of perfectly-matched luggage. Elle, of course, wasn't nearly as ditzy! Our seats were about 25 rows back in the orchestra section, on the left-hand aisle, so we had a wonderful view. In a lovely coincidence, the mother and daughter sitting next to us were there for the daughter's birthday treat, though they'd bought their tickets in November!

I wouldn't have wanted to be any closer, since some of the music is pretty loud. The headaches held off until just the last few minutes, so I guess that's proof that Tylenol lasts about 4 hours, lol! DH commented that he wished there'd been a song or two, like those in 'Cats' or 'Phantom', that had you walking out humming the tune. Friends who have seen 'Wicked' before say that you'll do that after a few times of listening to the album. I expect that "Defying Gravity" will be one of those. I did not buy any souvenirs except the $20 program; it's amazing what the show sale prices are!

I wish I could show the sumptuous details of the Pantages Theatre. The link shows a tiny view of the orchestra section and a bit of the theatre's history. This is a temple of Art Deco style, and the restorers seem to have missed no detail. The only complaint I've ever had, a purely female one, is that the intermissions need to be longer; getting the women of a 2500+ seat theatre into and out of the bathroom takes longer than 15 minutes!

Back to a bit of knitting content:
Here's a picture of the unfortunate baby jacket. When the scissors disaster happened, the entire jacket was done except for the seaming and
the trim on the cuffs and collar. This should be finished in the next couple of days. I will be in the area of the Stitches from the Heart charity's LYS on Wednesday, and I can donate it to them. The tweedy yarn is Red Heart Fiesta and the solid is Encore. The pattern called for 400+ yards, and Fiesta was less than 350, so I added the Encore, which with the front panels, the cuffs and all-around edging, will be a good design, IMO.

Here's another project that's part-way done. This is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Ribwarmer, which can be found in her 'Knitting Workshop' book. In EZ fashion, other than a suggestion of knitting gauge, there are no dimensions listed nor instructions for re-sizing. So I just started knitting. It is all garter stitch, with shaping by short rows. EZ just writes 'Turn', but I looked up 'wrap and turn', which makes a lovely detail. This is one of two identical pieces, which will be sewn together on the straight vertical edge to make a vest. Sorry about the turned-under corner.

I'm thinking this
will be too big for my DGD-by-love, but I can give it to her mom, and make another for DGD; they may not mind matching mother-daughter items. The yarn is Cascade's Cloud 9, 50% merino/50% angora. In the skein it feels a bit cottony, but as you knit and the fabric bends with the knitting, the angora begins to bloom into a halo and it feels softer and softer. I'm curious how it will be after washing. This is going to take just about 400 yards (4 skeins).

My Ribby Cardi is on hold; I'll take it with me on Wednesday to a huge fabric and decorator's shop to find the zipper. A knitter on the Knitting forum asked me about knitting this in one piece, and I've posted my thoughts there on both the bottom-up and top-down approaches. I still have to seam the sleeves, and that will be more difficult, since the yarn is a much darker color and I won't be able to see the stitches as well.

Last but not least, here's a new pattern book I picked up at Unwind last night during our Friday SnB group. Stephanie, the LYSO, carries Nashua's worsted and superwash yarns, and just got in a big shipment with spring and summer colors. This is a very good basic wool, with a good range of colors. This kids' pattern book, Zoo, grabbed me, and I'm thinking the DGD and DGSs will perhaps benefit from the ideas.


jayne said...

Okay, I get the Fleetwood Mac thing now. I remember that song (could hear it in my head as soon as you clarified).

Wicked sounds like fun. I didn't know that much about it, so looked it up and watched the trailer. Fun! Did it do a credible job of the story? I like it when they show a story from another point of view.

Karin said...

I love FM, my Dad bought the Rumours album when it came out and I was smitten. I've heard lots of good things about Wicked, I hope it'll be back in my neck of the woods again soon. I finally unburied my HW for ribby and I'll be doing it in one piece, bottom up. I agree with your other notes, too much yarn going on with the top down method. I just recently discovered Nashua and really like them, so classic a wearable and the yarns (Julia!) are lovely too.

les said...

Anyone know what the heck those balls are, hanging down between MF's legs, in the pic? I have always wondered about those - they're on Rumours too.....

CatBookMom said...

Apparently for reasons known only to him, Mick wore some wooden ones onstage; somewhere in his autobiography he explains it, but there's no index and I can't find the reference to what they signified. Other than the obvious, lol.

CatBookMom said...

Found this anecdote by Googling.

Madge said...

Happy belated birthday! Wicked sounds like a great treat - yay for DH!

junior_goddess said...

Ok, I'm gonna go wander off and learn about balls now.........

Cindy G said...

Oh please take pics of the ribwarmer as you sew it up. I cannot visualize how it is going to work and consequently am extremely curious!

Wicked sounds like it was great fun, glad you had such a good birthday treat.

Sandra said...

Great musical; just saw it and thought it fantastic!

Happy Belated Birthday to EWE!

Trip on over to Fiber Femmes for a treat -