Thursday, February 22, 2007

This, That, the Other and Whee!!

Many thanks to all of you who've commiserated with me about the headache attack. It is passing, down to the OTC Tylenol level.

I have to suck it up big time today and get back to something resembling normal functioning. As some of you know, yesterday was my birthday; I'm 50-mumble again. Thanks for all the great good wishes, on the Elann Chat Center, at the Knitting Forum and by email. My darling DH has once again scored big on a birthday prezzie: tickets to a matinee of 'Wicked' this afternoon. It just opened yesterday!!!! Generally speaking, the show is sold out until September, but he has astonishingly good luck with things like this. A year or two ago, he found seats in the middle of the 5th row for a performance of Madame Butterfly! I'm playing on the computer, dithering about what to wear with the black pants (what else??), and with about 2 hours to put myself together. With makeup and everything.

The baby jacket is still in time-out. Yesterday I cast on for Elizabeth Zimmermann's Ribwarmer vest. It's in her Knitting Workshop book. This is all garter stitch, shaped with short rows; the two identical pieces are seamed down the middle of the back. I have done this in the lavender Cascade Cloud 9 that I
picked up at Unwind last week. Cloud 9 is 50% merino/50% angora, and seems a bit like cotton when you first knit it, but as the piece moves around the angora comes out and makes it softer and softer. EZ doesn't give size info, so this is sort of a test knit. I think this is going to be too big for our DGD-by love, but it also looks like this vest is going to be done in about 4 skeins (400yds), so I can either frog it and adjust the size downward or make a mother-daughter set. Unwind still has some of this yarn, and they're holding a couple of extra skeins for me at the sale price. I'm thinking to edge this in knitted-on I-cord.

Here's a tip I found in the current Reader's Digest magazine. There's a website called that is supposed to help you find well-fitting jeans. I signed up (free, of course), answered the info about fit (no real measurements, just general shapes) and have ordered a pair of jeans from LL Bean that they've recommended. I'll let you know how they fit. This website doesn't include jeans from Lane Bryant, which is my current favorite source.


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that you're feeling better. May the OTC stuff be unnecessary sonn as well.


Lucky Canuck said...

Wicked played here in Toronto for a while before Christmas. One of my coworkers saw it and said it was fabulous. Enjoy!!

Sandra said...

Belated birthday wishes! Enjoy Wicked - I've heard it's beyond fabulous - I envy you the tickets.

junior_goddess said...

I spent 1/2 an hour playing at the Zafu site! Fun!

Have a fun time!

Joan said...

Happy Birthday (belated) CBM! I missed that! I am 50-mumble too (LOL). Good thing about headaches is that they pass. Hope yours is winding down!

Lisa W. said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Wicked will be awesome. Friends flew to Seattle and saw it a few months ago...loved it loved it loved it....
(err..deputy mayor of dorkville checking in...i don't get the fleetwood mac reference...emm...ummm..sigh)

jayne said...

I didn't get it either, Lisa. Double Dorkdom.

I do like the visual of the sheep kitting the other sheep's wool.

So -- Tell! How was the show??????

Anonymous said...
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