Friday, August 17, 2007

Luna Moth Update

I re-blocked Luna Moth, and it is now 54in x 27in. DH got into the process when he started commenting that the points along the edge weren't all the same distance apart, and after that he started doing more maths, and ..... OK, he was right and was helpful. Love that guy!! I'm not as pleased with the shape that the motifs have now as I was with the first blocking. Making them look the way I liked was how I got the first blocked size. It took a lot of pulling to get the 54in across, and I kept patting the fabric into place to get the 2:1 ration of width to length. I'm thinking that the fiber content - cotton, viscose and silk - just isn't as adaptable as an animal fiber would be.

BTW, this is my alternate blocking surface. These are 2ft x 2ft foam squares I found at Toys R Us for $20US; they're meant for babies' play surfaces, and they fit together like jigsaw pieces. I drew lines across them with a Sharpie, and marked the corners that need to go together so that I can use the lines to help with a more rectangular project. Again I used the little fan, but I started earlier last night and didn't run it overnight.


Madge said...

I think it looks better, i.e. more shawl shaped, so kudos for reblocking. Gotta love techy guys. :D

Happy weekending!

Anonymous said...

It looks great. Way to let DH help. Bri

sk said...

Barbara: That looks beautiful! Your luna took flight! For the Sunray shawl, go to elann shawl knit a long, take a look at LisaW's blocking, it is on month of May. She has scallops for her shawl. SK

TracyKM said...

Okay, I've been away since Sunday, and you hadn't posted for a bit before that. I just come by to see what's new, and I see this?! Very beautiful! Yeah, sometimes the DHs CAN help with knitting, LOL.
You could also staple gingham fabric to your squares if you didn't want to draw on them.
Now I have to go read about you making this shawl!

Joan said...

I love the new blocking, very crisp and those edges are beautiful. When it's on the body, the pattern section blends and changes but you always see the edges.