Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We Have FOs!!!

OK, friends, here's some real knitting content, at last!! I have finished 2 shawls in the last few days, though I still have ends to weave in. Both of these are free patterns at Elann, designed by Shui Kuen Kosinsky.

Luna Moth has been OTN since late April, and I finished it Sunday night. The yarn is Filati Fantasia Cezanne, 3 skeins @103yds in Pale Straw, worked on US 9 needles. I worked only to Row 18 on the last pattern repeat, due to my limited yarn; I have just a couple of feet of the yarn left. Whew!! The link shows the Pale Straw color on the left. I got this from Elann last year, and while it is very loosely plied and therefore somewhat splitty, it's easy to knit and beautifully drapey. With the high cotton and viscose content, the shawl blocked very differently than wool or alpaca would have done. The finished size is 49in across and 32in down. I don't know that I can get it to be larger by another try at the blocking. Any advice or suggestions are welcome; it would be nice if it were a bit wider across the shoulders.

I have finished Sun Ray, which I started last month when I was in Vancouver. This is done with hand-dyed yarn in Apricot from See Jayne Knits, 2 246-yd skeins of her 100% merino, worked on US9 needles. I LOVE this yarn! It is soft and sproingy and a joy to knit with. I have about 10g left of the total of 200g. I'm not sure I like the picot bind-off, and I will say it is tedious, perhaps even a PITA, to do. It seemed to cause a lot of aches in my wrists and my left thumb. It is a very flexible bind-off, as the pattern says. The finished size is 56in across and 34in deep.
Last but not least, I finally finished a baby cardi that I've donated to the Stitches from the Heart (STFH)charity. The yarn is James G. Brett's Marble yarn in Moss. The closeup has truer color values. The link is to the best picture I could find online, which is sort of pitiful. I bought the yarn from SFTH. It's rather odd-looking in the skein, with 2 plies wound somewhat loosely, but it knits up nicely and then you go Wow! when you see how pretty the color changes are. I washed and dried this with my undies and it came out really soft! The pattern is free from Knitting Pure and Simple, and is SO easy to knit, all in one piece from the top of the hood down, with the sleeve stitches put on holders at the armscye and then knitted down to the cuff. I did a provisional cast-on and then a 3-needle bind-off for the only seam, at the top of the hood. You can see that this allowed the stripes to line up very nicely.

I thought you'd like to see my simple blocking system. I use this 4ft x 8f piece of foam insulation board for really big things like shawls, though I prefer the soft foam interlocking squares. But this works really well. I washed and blocked these late Monday night, left the little fan running overnight and the shawls were dry by 9am yesterday. I took them with me to meet Mary Tess for show and tell, lol!

Next up, I'll be finishing a little scarf that's been OTN for months, and then picking up Mystery Stole 3. I'm probably going to make a symmetrical stole, though the last clue won't be posted until Friday. At the moment, the 'wing' pattern looks a bit odd, but perhaps it will look better with the last segment. If I do the symmetrical version, I'll put the first section on a holder and then do a 3-needle bind-off. That's got to be easier than trying to Kitchener laceweight yarn. Plus I dug out my Lacevember project, Hand Jive Knits' Dayflower Stole, which I'm doing in Elann's Baby Silk in the beautiful green Cedar color. Since I'm on a roll with lace, I thought I might do well with this, too.


Grace Yaskovic said...

YOur finished objects look very beautiful, love the soft delicate colots. The only way to get more measurement would be to soak it again and really stretch it, but I am sure you figured that out!!! LOve the baby sweater, have to go look at that pattern

smariek said...

The shawls look great, and I love your blocking system. I had never thought of using a small fan to help it out, lol.

Oh BTW, I've added your Twisted Rope Scarf pattern to the Ravelry Pattern database with a link to your Nov 2006 blog post about it, so that I could add the scarf to my Ravelry Queue. So you may get inquiries about the pattern instructions from people who are looking for it.

Sarah-Hope said...

You go! Those knits are gorgeous. They make my fingers itch to cast on, cast on, cast on.

SooZ said...

Wow, good for you, youre on a roll binding off WIPs. Gives me a lot of inspiration.

Beautiful work to be seen. Thats clever about the foam pad for blocking. I'll keep that in mind when I get on the blocking of my Gothic Leaf Stole. I need to finish knitting it first.

Lisa W. said...

gorgeous! I remember you working on Luna in SF! That yarn is so soft and pretty! and your SunRay just totally pops it! nice little cardigan too...i just had to grab that free pattern with all the baby stuff i knit! glad you're posting! you've been missed.

Madge said...

SWEET! Lovely FOs! You're on a roll...and time to cast on some new projects. One of the best feelings in the world, isn't it?

Jamie said...

Lovely, lovely shawls, CBM! I will be making either the moonlight shawls or sunray next, probably, and they will be on needles for a long time! Thanks also for the baby sweater pattern. I have the same yarn, different color, to make a cardi for new DGS who is 7 wks old today!
Are the shawls for you?

junior_goddess said...

Bravo, Barbara, you HAVE been busy! I was eyeballing my Cezanne the other day. Maybe I will do a top.