Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bits & Pieces

Most of the friends who were part of the group at the Yarn Harlot's talk have posted their photos, and here are some of the links: Knitdevil, mehitabel, and slowknitter. But here's a picture of the Harlot herself with our whole crew. Slowknitter is the brunette in the black top right next to the Harlot, and I'm next to her. I'm still jazzed about how much fun Stephanie's talk was.

It's been a quiet week Chez CBM. I took a tumble on Monday, another of my 'congenitally clumsy' moments, and bunged up my knee, just a huge bruise and all that. So I've spent a lot of time on the couch under the influence of good painkillers with my knee up and iced. No knitting, but a lot of good reading time. No, I will not show off the Technicolor feature - I'll leave that to your own imaginations, lol!

I took this really cute picture of Midnight the other day. Cute Overload had this adorable video to a 'Munchkin' kitten - a genetic variation that causes cats to have very short legs - and Middy was just entranced by it; sometimes she notices the moving pictures more than others. This one has a musicbox sound track and she kept patting the monitor. There was a Munchkin cat living at my aunt's assisted care facility when we visited there last fall; just an ordinary-looking cat with very short legs.

I've nearly finished cataloging my stash at Ravelry, and it's shocking how much yarn I have. It's being a real benefit, though; I'm completely lacking in yarn hunger, well, nearly. After all the oohing and aahing that Wendy Johnson has done about Dream in Color's Smooshy sock yarn, and then seeing and feeling several socks-in-progress at the YH event, I fell into order mode, and I'm looking for 2 skeins from The Sweet Sheep, which had a really wide selection last week.

A friend has started a KAL - Entrelac'tober, and I'm so tempted by the Danica scarf; I just happen to have 7 skeins of Rowan's Tapestry yarn in a good colorway, greys/browns. (BTW, am I the only one who thinks the guy modeling the scarf looks like the younger Ben Cross??) But then Knitdevil and I have been planning an Arwen-along. What to do, which to cast on first?


lunadog said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your bunged up knee. But it's a great excuse to sit and knit.

Middy looks so cute. My sister had a cat who used to watch show jumping on TV. She was convinced that she could catch one of the horses if she tried hard enough!

Madge said...

Congrats on getting your stash up on Ravelry!

Sorry your knee is still hurting. Stupid sidewalk.

I'm still on a YH day high....

smariek said...

I hope your knee is feeling better. I know what it feels like to have knee problems. I am so happy to live on one level now, it's so much easier on my knee not having to walk up/down stairs and I don't think I'll have that problem of pain while walking/bending for a long while as long as I still go easy.

Did you know you could export your Ravelry stash into an excel file? That makes spending all that time entering it into Ravelry worth it.

Haven't had much time for blog reading lately, but am trying to get back into blogging & blog reading. It's time for dinner, so I will catch up on the rest of your posts later.

Joan said...

You can knock off Danica in no time. Love the model!! Hubba, hubba.
Don't know what an Arwen is so must check it. I have 2 pr of Arwen's Felted Boots in my Ravelry notebook. Probably not related.