Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Harlot and other stuff

Knittery Fun in LA!!!
Yesterday was the Yarn Harlot's visit to LA, and oh, did we have fun! I joined Madge and a large group of the knitters I've met through her friendship in a jaunt to spend the day in downtown LA; the Harlot spoke at the main Los Angeles public library. I forgot my camera, but I think I was the only one, so there will be lots of photos, and I will post links to them later. Stephanie was so gracious, even after more than an hour and a half signing books following her talk; she took the time to have her photo taken with our entire group.

It was quite clear that the library security staff had no experience with such a large, chatty and gently unruly group as we knitters were, fussing at us about water bottles, about sitting on the floor to knit (many of us queued up nearly two hours early to get the best seats), and trying without success to keep us in an orderly line. They did bow to the inevitability of our taking our cameras into the auditorium whether it was allowed or not, lol!! One woman on the security staff seemed particularly annoyed by our behavior, and kept insisting on moving the line around, seemingly just because she could.

I met a couple of friends from my Friday night SnB group, Sue and Deb, who has just started a blog, KnitAtNight; and I also met some new knitters, Suzann aka Yarnhog and Kathleen of Quail Hill Knits. Both are attorneys who traveled a long way for the event and they were a delight to meet; the three of us were notable flouters of the no-sitting rules, lol. I notice that Kathleen has already posted a great blog entry about the event. Check it out.

This n That
Thank you all for the kind comments about my scarf patterns. Feel free to copy them and use them, though I warn you that they have not been test-knitted by anyone. I wrote up the patterns from the FOs; I knitted the scarves as gifts to the men in our family-by-love for Christmas 2006. So please don't think the magic knitting fairy helped me knit these recently!! I plan to set up links in my sidebar so you can come back to them easily. And I thank my good friend Marie, of SmarieK, for encouraging me to publish these patterns. She herself has published many lovely patterns for facecloths, hats and scarves.

Today I hope to get some more of my stash entered into Ravelry, and begin to organize the yarns that I'm not keeping. mehitabel is hosting a yarn sale/swap in a couple of weeks, and I'm planning on these yarns finding new homes. I will note that going to a knitters' gathering, like the Yarn Harlot's talk, is a good/bad way to find out about yarns you may not have seen before. I ordered some of Dream in Color's Smooshy Sock Yarn last week, and oooohhh! Wen, one of the friends in our group, was working on socks in Blue Lagoon, a beautiful light blue colorway, which I just happen to have ordered. Oh, yeah! Knitting that is going to be a major treat!!


Quail Hill Knits said...

Great post about The Yarn Harlot. I laughed when I read about the security guard -- I thought I was the only one who thought she was a tad overbearing. I added a link on my blog to yours -- your is fun to read. Great meeting you and hope to come across you again soon.

Madge said...

Yesterday was so much fun I need a nap today. :D

OMG, I have a great library cop photo for ya. What was UP with that? *giggle*

Joan said...

Yay CBM, you were looking forward to that day. Glad it tirned out well, aside from obnoxious library guards.

Anonymous said...

Morning Barbara ~ Sounds like you had a super time yesterday - in spite of the guard! I'm going to try to set up a blog today...this ought to be rather 'interesting' as I'm rather tech-impaired.

Joanne said...

See, setting up a blog is really going to be a hoot - I can't even remember to leave my name when I visit your blog! Hugs, Joanne

jayne said...

Just spent a lovely ten minutes with cup of coffee and your blog. So glad to hear about all your yarny fun with friends and the Harlot.

Very generous of you to share those scarf patterns. They are lovely!

The floof makes me laugh but not as much as those lolcats. My DH is always sending me lolcats photos, and they are a hoot.

Im in Ur stash...