Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mission (Im)Possible???

OK, my friends have talked me into this, and I think I have a do-able list. Here goes:
  1. Seam and finish Ribby Cardi (from early 2007)
  2. Finish and seam Something Red cardi
  3. Finish and gift Ribwarmer vests to Rita and Anna (this is an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, found in her Knitting Workshop book) (spring 2007)
  4. Finish Keri Mac socks (test-knitting pattern)
  5. Finish Jaywalker socks (UFO from 2006 Knitting Olympics)
  6. Finish Dayflower Lace shawl (2007)
  7. Knit DH entrelac vest with SWS, Natural Slate - first entrelac project
  8. Knit shawl with Lonesome Stone alpaca
  9. Knit Odessa hat
  10. Knit Urchin hat - pink LB Woolspun - use this old stash up, and give to charity
  11. Knit Wisp or Branching out, or other smallish scarf in laceweight - first laceweight project
  12. Knit or crochet (finish) at least one project, minimum a hat, for charity each month

I’ve already done my charity project - a ruffled crocheted scarf - for this month, actually 2, including one of the baby hats I posted about last week. I started and finished the scarf on Tuesday - crochet goes SO fast, yay! This is nearly 2 full skeins of Lion Brand's Jiffy yarn, in a pink/blue/white variegated. It's about 4in wide and 66in long.

I've gotten to the heel turn on Keri Mac's socks (sock #1), and I'll consult with her about it tomorrow at our Friday Night Unwind group.

And I’ve cast on and started my Lonesome Stone alpaca shawl, though right now it looks like the usual blob. I *finally* decided to do Cheryl Oberle's Wool Peddler's Shawl, from her Folk Shawls book. The knitter who dyes the Posh Yarns in the UK posted a picture on Ravelry of her Wool Peddler's Shawl, done in a brighter but similarly dyed yarn, and I decided that my yarn would show off very nicely in this pattern. Plus it's pretty quick, since the center section is all garter stitch. ;-D

Yesterday I took a remedial seaming lesson from a friend to get ready to finish my Ribby Cardi. The cardi, in pieces, is shown in the blocking stage. I actually have the fronts and back sewn together; I need to seam the sleeves, join them to the body, and knit the border ribbings. This will have buttons rather than a zipper - I have zipper phobia and my very short-waisted body doesn't work with zippered tops.

So I’m on track and moving right along. These may not seem like a lot of goals, but I'm trying to plan for success, rather than failure here. Plus they include some old UFOs and my first entrelac and first lace-weight projects.


Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! You've got your work cut out for you, Barbara. Best of luck...we're all cheering you on to victory!

Madge said...

Good luck!

Grace Yaskovic said...

ambitious plans I want to conquer Fair Isle this year!

jayne said...

Planning for success rather than failure is always a wise thing to do.

Are you going to check things off blog-wise as you go?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

CBM, An impressive list, but it looks balanced. I am impressed about the charity knitting that you do; that's wonderful. It reminds me that I have a bag full of winter woolens for our local homeless to drop off.
Did you get an e-mail from me about the Esprit! Hope to hear from you.

Joan said...

Go, Barbara, GO! ;-}