Thursday, March 27, 2008

Had Fun, Too!

My Fridays are full of fun and knitting. Besides my seniors' group which meets in the early afternoon, there's a small group of friends who meet Friday evenings at our LYS, Unwind. Last week was a birthday for Debbie S, and there's only one picture, since we all forgot to bring cameras. I slid into the background on this one.

So I thought I'd include some views of another birthday we had earlier in the year, that of Mary Ellen. We somehow started this odd tradition of having to have our birthday pictures taken wearing these incredibly dorky glasses.

In no particular order, then, here's Debbie A, enjoying some of our snacks,

Patti carefully focussed on her big baby blanket,

another view of Patti, this time with Kris in the background at the ball winder,

and Debbie S again, concentrating on a tricky pattern bit.

As you can see, the shop is open and airy, and full of yarny temptations.

Ah, yes. Snacks do include wine, and usually champagne on birthdays. Plus chocolate, chips and cheese. All the necessary ingredients for a fun evening with knittery friends.


Joan said...

Fridays are fun! Wish I could tag along. :-} We had 6" of snow today.

Agneta said...

What I fun idea to tkae those photos. Love it. You all seem to hav real fun:-)