Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mission Possible - Not Much Progress

Hmm. Not much progress for Mission Possible 2008 . I've only done #8, my beautiful green Wool Peddler's Shawl; started #7, DH's entrelac vest; and almost kept up with #12 (February item was knit on March 1). I do have a total of 6 charity hats and 3 charity scarves done so far. I cast on and tried knitting the Urchin hat with the Woolspun (#10), and frogged the first attempt; note to others - short rows with a thick/thin/floofy yarn is no picnic. I'll give it another try later.

  1. Seam and finish Ribby Cardi (from early 2007)
  2. Finish and seam Something Red cardi
  3. Finish and gift Ribwarmer vests to Rita and Anna (this is an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, found in her Knitting Workshop book) (spring 2007)
  4. Finish Keri Mac socks (test-knitting pattern)
  5. Finish Jaywalker socks (UFO from 2006 Knitting Olympics)
  6. Finish Dayflower Lace shawl (2007)
  7. Knit DH entrelac vest with SWS, Natural Slate - first entrelac project STARTED
  8. Knit shawl with Lonesome Stone alpaca DONE
  9. Knit Odessa hat
  10. Knit Urchin hat - pink LB Woolspun - use this old stash up, and give to charity
  11. Knit Wisp or Branching out, or other smallish scarf in laceweight - first laceweight project
  12. Knit or crochet (finish) at least one project, minimum a hat, for charity each month KEEPING UP

As I posted earlier, I frogged several long-term UFOs, mostly charity items: a baby blanket, a lapghan (lap-sized afghan), a scarf, a shawl, and a kids' toy. And I frogged one new WIP, another charity scarf. All of this is gone from stash. I've knitted 2344 yards from stash and 1576 yards from yarn purpose-bought for the project, a total of 3920 yards.

I have 5 new WIPs in progress, four from stash and one from a gift yarn. So - I'm feeling pretty good about the Stash Knit-Down, in spite of the MP2008 goals yet to be met.


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