Monday, March 31, 2008

An Apology

Yesterday I posted about my opinion of some yarn that was donated to the seniors' charity group with which I work. It was donated to Operation Gratitude, and it was then passed along to us for the making of hats and scarves for the troops.

I have inadvertently caused trouble to the OG contact in my group, and upset and dismay to the Operation Gratitude people themselves. I have been reminded that a group such as OG is given many items by generous companies, and it is their job to find a use for the bounty.

I cannot at this point do more than apologize for my post. I have deleted that portion of my post, and I have posted a response to the OG person who commented and to Operation Gratitude at their website. I have a net readership amounting to about a dozen, and I did not think that my opinion would cause these problems.

I am sorry for my thoughtlessness.


smariek said...

So I fell off the blog reading wagon for a while and then come back here and find you're posting every couple of days instead of a couple times a month. I should go on a blog reading hiatus more often, lol. It's nice to see what you've been up to. Good luck with Mission Possible. I could never commit to trying to complete something by the end of the year, even this early in the year. Your seniors' group sounds like lots of fun.

Sandra said...

I'm sorry you had some negative fallout. Personally I think an opionion is just that, and should not be taken as something derogatory, but I can see how things can get misconstrued. Sometimes I think people can be TOO sensitive, but I think you handled it well.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you said apart, I think you handled the situation well, with kindness and sincerity. An opinion is just an opinion but in this e-world we can often be misinterpreted.
On another topic, CBM, please be careful about overuse of your hands, arms, and shoulders with all your lovely handwork. I come with experience in bursitis in shoulders, carpel tunnel syndrome and peripheral numbness in hands, as well as arthritis..... but I keep knitting, spinning and weaving, in more or less limited amounts. You have years ahead to enjoy your projects, but do take it easy. See you in June.
PS This is advice for anyone who has had physical problems with excessive handwork.

lunadog said...

Sorry to hear that you got some flak for your comments. I always thought that blogs were for personal opinions, and that readers could add their own personal grain of salt.

I'm so glad you're blogging more now so don't let it get you down! Can't wait to see you.

Lots of hugs & puppy kisses coming your way!