Thursday, April 3, 2008

Progress of Sorts

Not a lot of knitting to show for the week. I finished two charity hats for the troops in some mystery chunky yarn, a deep, dark chocolate brown. For one, I used the Marsan Watchcap pattern, which gives a really nice, tight fabric with its K1tbl, p1 ribbing; the other is just a 2x2 ribbed hat. Both are long enough to have good deep brims, keeping ears warm.

And I've made some progress on my Mystic Light mystery shawl. The picture is one-half of the shawl, through about Row 53 of Clue #1. The beautiful yarn color doesn't show up well on the bright blue background, so I've included a picture of the yarn itself. This is Elann's Baby Cashmere in Starlight Blue, and it's lovely yarn to work with.


Grace Yaskovic said...

Love the hat the shawl is awesome, my yarn came today, Smooshy by Dream in Color in 3 shades from a dark night to a rosy fire --at least thats what I am hoping for, its still a couple of other projects away from being cast on!

smariek said...

Your shawl is looking good! I can't wait to see it finished. That Baby Cashmere looks so soft, it makes me want to go pet my balls of BC, lol.

I've knitted the Marsan as a chemo hat, it's a very good pattern.

Cindy G said...

Mmmm, wrapped up in cashmere, Mmmmm.

Suzann said...

The shawl is already beautiful. I did one of those watch caps. Super pattern
It looks like a lot of knitting to me, kiddo :-)

Les said...

The "mystery" is looking beautiful!! The caps will be great!

Ghislaine said...

I've joined the group for the Mystic Light shawl, but I'm only saving the files at the moment, not knitting along. Yours looks just lovely - I love Baby Cashmere for shawls; it is light and very cosy. Can't wait to see more progress photos!