Monday, May 5, 2008

Interlude with Floral Eye Candy.

Not much of anything going on Chez CBM. I've been fighting a stubborn sore throat and sinus bug, which is still with me in spite of a visit to the doctor and some prescription-level meds. Just enough to keep me tired and quiet - the voice runs out fast. No biggie, just annoying and tiring as can be. Doctor said 'vasomotor rhinitis' (seems to be popular right now, lol!), and our yo-yoing temps have made it worse - 90F+ one weekend, low 70s the next. Right now it's 58F and overcast, a preview of our "June Glooms". I'm not even having enough oomph to knit, so I'm currently working my way through another re-read of Nora Robert's stand-alone novels. These are 'comfort reading'; I'm continually amazed at the variety of tales she produces in such numbers. Yesterday I started 'River's End', which coincidentally is set in the Olympic Rain Forest at Quinault, WA, where DH grew up.

But the garden is spectacular as more flowers come into bloom. The self-sowed coreopsis are brightening the whole place. It's odd; I planted just a few of the foot-tall variety and the front garden plants have turned into 2-foot giants. I attribute this to the SoCal effect, which also turns our roses into 6ft+ plants when they max out at 3ft elsewhere. And we continue to see blooms from last year's additions to our epiphyllum collection. Two popped over the weekend, another huge yellow and a smaller multi-color that is just amazing. And our huge amaryllis is just stunning.


Grace Yaskovic said...

pretty pretty flowers, can relate to the lingering bug thing but mine is the other range of the spectrum...Nora is prolific and River's End was excellent!

Marlyn said...

I can relate to the sinus infection. I've been dealing with it for a few weeks myself.
I hate the unseasonale 90+ temperatures, but they ARE great for the flower garden!

Cindy G said...

The coreposis are probably reverting to type. They will take over the world (but in a good way).

Love the flower photos. Hope you feel better soon.

smariek said...

Sorry, I'm always late in catching up with blogs. Hope you are feeling better now.

Pretty flowers, I wish I had a green thumb like yours. My thumb is only effective for growing weeds, lol.

Bobbisox said...

I hope you let us know that variety of eppiphyllum, I had a George French that was supposed to be bright yellow but not nearly as bright as yours. I love eppies. And Amaryllis too of course.