Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home Again, Part One

I'm back from my lovely trip to Vancouver. DH picked me up at LAX at midnight, bless him! My usually-effective EarPlanes failed me on the flight from Seattle, so I'm partially deaf in my left ear and my head feels stuffed with cotton. It's 78.6F right now on our back porch, with 55% humidity - that's very high for us - so I'm missing the crisper air I enjoyed the last 12 days.

I have to unpack, do laundry, and try to get back on purring terms with Midnight. I have pictures to share, stories to tell, and lots of yarny goodness to show off. Right now I'm going to overdose on decongestants, which will eventually get my hearing back.

Missed y'all!!


Grace Yaskovic said...

welcome home can't wait to hear the details, feel better

Mary Tess said...

I second what Grace said.

smariek said...

Get well soon!!! We want more details and photos.