Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This and That and New Baby Pix

I'm off tomorrow for the Vancouver area, for a week-long knitting retreat on Salt Spring Island, and some extra days to visit with friends. I'll be back in the small hours of June 24, exhausted but with many happy memories.

I was zipping around Burbank today, getting last-minute errands done. We may be part of greater metropolitan LA, but we're a small town. Residents complain about traffic congestion if they have to wait through 2 lights to cross an intersection in the middle of evening rush hour. Our city council has spent hours and hours and many, many $$ over the last 2+ years to consider if we should change the local ordinances about the height and composition of fences, arbors and so on in front yards. Yep, our government $$ at work on minutiae.

What I saw and found so typically Burbank today:

  • Gas prices for regular, $4.61 on one block, $4.65 on the next.
  • Seeing the same woman coming out of the drugstore that I saw coming out of the bank. Don't know her, but I remembered those wild print capri pants.
  • The bank teller insisting that I was eligible for a $13,000 credit limit on a Visa, in spite of my repeated statements that we *have* a Visa account with them. She even called in a reinforcement, her supervisor. The come-on? I'd get 'Reward Points' of 1.5cents for every $1 charged. Whoopee. Our current card has Rewards, and I've never found anything I want to use them for.
  • A woman at the nail salon talking to the owner's teen-aged daughter about having told stories to her when she was still a toddler and the woman was getting her nails done. That's shop loyalty for you!
I love Burbank.

And, just so you know, our 3rd grandkid by love arrived last week. Sophia May was delivered at her grandparents' home by Dad and a midwife after a short labor. She was nearly 8lbs. Here's Miss Sophia and her happy Mom and Dad.


Marlyn said...

Lovely baby!

I was in Beverly Hills earlier this evening, and saw gas at a BP station for $5.09 (for the extra-super-premium).

smariek said...

Have fun up there!

Sophia is a cute babe.

There's a gas station in Millbrae that is $5.53/$5.73. You should check out Costco Gas, it's usually about 15 cents per gallon cheaper. I gassed up earlier this week for $60, and couldn't help but think it was a bag and a half of my favorite Elann yarn, lol.

Mary Tess said...

I know you'll have a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. Cute baby!