Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Negative Progress

There's been a lot of muttering and sub-vocal swearing going on the last couple of days. No point in cussing out loud - it scares the cat. Sadly, DH's sweater has become a member of my too-large Benighted Large Project group.

I've written about the row gauge problem, and having to frog back to add rows between the sleeve and the collar dividing point. I got that fixed, got back to the collar dividing point, got the front side started and then joined yarn to start the back, so I could work front and back at the same time. Looked for more KP Options needle tips and hmm, US7s it said right there on my needle gauge. That sailed right past my sane-thinking ability, and I went on to knit nearly 5 more inches of both front and back. I was enjoying a great audiobook, J. A. Jance's Justice Denied, the latest in her J P Beaumont mysteries and the knitting was going really well. . Along about 11:30 the needle size thing floated back into mind.

O. M. G. !!!
I checked my notes. I was supposed to be knitting this on US9s. NINES!! not 7s.

At that point I went to bed.

I have now frogged all the way back to the middle of the sleeve, which seems to be the point at which the texture of the knitted fabric became a bit denser. I now have a *really* big ball of yarn, about 4 skeins worth. I went and found my beloved but recently neglected Crystal Palace bamboo circs, US9 clearly marked on them. T'heck (or wherever) with the possibilities of getting the wrong size points any more.

And I may need to dig out my night guard tonight. Right now there's a fair amount of tenseness in my jaw. DH will come home tonight and wonder where his sweater went. I hope I can keep from snarling at him too much. But he better not comment about 'getting a lot of knitting from the same yarn'.


Lisa W. said...

oh boy, that sweater needs a time-out for bad behavior. have an adult beverage and a night off from it. work on one of the well behaved little projects then move forward. i feel your pain. ;0

my word verify is 'tatat'

Yarnhog said...


Yes, I've been there. I didn't like it, so it's hard to say why I keep going back...

Good luck. I won't mention the "free yarn".

Suzann said...

That is really hard. Really really hard. I am sorry you had to rip out so much knitting.
Did you bury the Options in the back garden?

smariek said...

Ugh. Sounds like you should just walk away. After a little neglect, perhaps the sweater will behave better.