Monday, December 8, 2008

Zooming Right Along

I have progressed to the start of the 2nd sleeve of DH's sweater. In fact, I should finish it today, assuming the pasta sauce I'm planning to make doesn't take up too much time. I have about 14 inches to knit, over some 60 sts, mostly stockinette. I won't say easy, 'cause that might be hubris, lol.

I've also been knitting more of the Maine Morning Mitts, totalling 3.5 pairs so far. Yesterday I braved the crowds at the local Michaels, and by the grace of the knitting goddesses I found 3 single skeins of Patons SWS yarn in colors I can use for more mitts. Honestly, the yarn section, except for the basic and baby acrylic areas, looked as if a horde of locusts had chewed their way through, leaving empty shelves and disorder everywhere. My friend Fran tells me it was the same way last week. Guess they're not getting any new shipments in.

Photos will be available when the sweater and the mitts are done. In the meantime, here's Midnight, looking snug in the "Kitty Loaf" position, next to my knitting bag, with a bit of DH's lovely green sweater showing right above her head .


Cindy G said...

Ah, the classic "kitty loaf" - she does it well. Eager to see hubby's sweater. I sort of feel as if I owe mine one, but he doesn't do animal fiber (itch, not ethics), and I'm not sure I'm up to producing a man sized acrylic.

Jennifer said...

sorry, I've been reading but not posting so today I thought I'd post. Can't wait to see your hubby's sweater too. Maybe one day I should tackle something for my DH. Have a wonderful day and get that sweater finished.

smariek said...

Yay, forward progress again! Looking forward to seeing it finished.

In some ways I'm glad my DH doesn't care for knitted items so there is no risk of having to knit him a sweater. Given the rate it took me to knit my mom's vest (8 months), it might take me a few years to knit a whole sweater!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Your cat is gorgeous:)Hugs Darcy

Sarah Laurenson said...

Pretty kitty!

Like that shade of green, too.